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Amortization Homework Help

Amortization Homework Help

Amortization can be defined as the procedure of accounting for or decreasing an amount over a period of time.In other circumstances,amortization can be defined as the process of spreading out of capital expenses for intangible assets over a particular period of time for accounting and tax purposes.Amortization has similarity with depreciation that can be used for tangible assets and to depletion that is used with natural resources.

Here is the example of amortization

Let's say that a Company XYZ owns the patent on a piece of asset, and that patent lasts 15 years. If the company spent $15 million to develop that asset, then it would record $1 million each year for 15 years as amortization expense on its income statement.Then, you can assume Company XYZ has a $10 million loan outstanding.If the Company XYZ repays $500,000 of that principal every year,we would say that $500,000 of the loan has amortized each year.

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