Effective Software that could help you in Academic Writing

Academic homework writing is the task that requires much efforts from you. Research and writing to formatting and referencing are the essential requirements of it.

However, in the recent times, there have been some technological inventions that could prove helpful for you to write a homework. Some software are the part of these technological inventions.


As a homework help online provider, it is our duty to keep you updated with the latest invention to help you in performing well in the academics. This write-up will try to do the same!


Research writer by active scholar

It is the research and writing software that is developed by the active scholar for the academic writers and students to attempt an academic task easily.

There are many academic homework writing tasks you can do using it. Capturing, maintaining and researching information for the journals articles, thesis, dissertation, essay and books, etc. You can get its trial verison for 30 days.

Dragon naturally speaking

It is a speech recognition software that could prove helpful for you in dictating documents, browse the internet, dictate and send emails and much more. All you have to do is use your voice.

Although it is available in paid versions only, but you could try it for effective writing purpose.


It is the software that gives you the idea of its usage by its name. Yes, Citavi is a reference management software. It is something through which the academic writers can search resources worldwide, analyze and organize content, save quotations, thoughts and much more.

So, try this software while writing a homework. It is available in free and paid version.


Evernote is the software that you can use to create, photo, audio clips and clip web pages. Moreover, you can synchronize your notes across your devices using it.

You can get this tool in free version and in an upgraded paid version as well.

Docear-the academic literature suite

Docear-the academic literature suite is a free open source tool that you can use to organize, create and discover academic literature.


Mendeley is a software tool that comes for free and it can prove helpful for you in searching, sorting your references, documents and notes in one place.

So, try these software and perform well in the academic writing.

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