Types of Seating Arrangements for the Classroom

Teaching is a job that is not just limited to lecturing, creating right syllabus and helping students in various tasks. A well-thought Seating plan also plays a significant role in making the class productive and it also makes your job easy.

 So, as a homework help online provider, we have come up with a writing piece that tries to discuss various seating arrangements that could prove helpful for you in managing your class.

Seating Arrangement

 Raws or columns

It is a seating plan that is most common. This classroom arrangement is something that revolves around the teacher-based instruction and presentations. There are less chances of cheating with this type of seating plan and students can concentrate better on the coursework. It is a seating plan that you can use with any class size. However, backbenchers might lose focus if the class size is large.

 Horseshoe or U-shape

 Horseshoe or U-shape is a seating arrangement that is ideal for your classroom if you want to give emphasis to both teacher to student and student to student interaction. Using this seating plan, a teacher gets the chance to help the students individually and group discussions also become easier with this seating model.


 If you want to promote student to student interaction in the classroom, then you can apply this seating plan in your class. In this seating arrangement, you can make students sit in small groups and students can polish or develop various skills such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving and much more. But you should be cautious because there are chances of increase in the noise level in the classroom.


Combination class arrangement is a combination of horseshoe and clusters seating plans. It is ideal for the situation like if some students want more individual attention from you, then you can make them sit in a row. In addition, you can make a group sit in clusters if they need to do group discussion, etc.


 If you have a small class, then you can opt for runway seating arrangement. In this seating arrangement, students sit facing each other. This way you will be able to see students conduct during a lecture easily and it is good for discussions as well.


 Another seating plan that might interest your students is stadium. In this seating arrangement, you make the students sit like the sitting in a stadium. This method is also best for teacher-centric classes.

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