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Valuation of Fixed Assets Homework Help

Valuation of Fixed Assets Homework Help

A fixed asset can be defined as an item that has a usable life for more than one reporting period, and that exceeds a business organizations minimum capitalization limit.A company does not purchase fixed assets with the intention of immediate resale, but it gets used by a company for productive use.An inventory item should not be considered as a fixed asset because it is purchased with the intention of either reselling it directly or incorporating it into a product that gets sold later on. Buildings, computers, software, furniture, and land, etc. are the few examples of fixed assets.

There are five methods of valuation of fixed assets

  • Cost method: According to this method, valuation of fixed assets is made keeping the purchase price of an asset in mind. It is an easy method of valuation of assets.
  • Market value method: Under the market value method valuation of fixed assets can be made according to the market price of assets. But if types of assets are not available in the market then,it gets difficult to evaluate the value of such assets. So, there are two sub-methods that are related to this method,one is replacement value method and other is net realization value method.
  • Base stock method: By using base stock method of valuation, a company evaluates the value of its stock.
  • Standard cost method: Many business companies fix a standard cost of their assets by their experience. So by using standard cost method, these companies do valuation of fixed assets and report it on their balance sheet.
  • Average cost method: Average cost method comes handy in the process of valuation of such assets that cannot be distinguished.

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