Dyslexia and Ways to Deal With it

Are you a parent whose kid finds it hard to differentiate between the letters b and d? Are you a parent whose kid cant pronounce the words properly? Are you the one who is worried about you kid because of he or she is a late talker? Or are you a parent whose child has problem in handwriting? Well, if you belong to any of these category, then its possible that your kid might be suffering from dyslexia.

 Yes, dyslexia is a serious disease in which a child find it tough to process a written information. A dyslexic child could also have problem in deciphering the sounds of all the letters together that form a word or connecting the sound made by a specific letter. In some cases, kids also find it hard to write. If you take a look at the stats, then you can find that around 15 to 20% percent of the population or one in five students have a language-based learning disability. Although doctors have not found any treatment for dyslexia but you can help your child in dealing with dyslexia taking some measures. Want to know those measures? Then read on!

 Learn about Dyslexia

 As mentioned above that there is no treatment available for dyslexia. So, as a parent, it is your duty to help your child. For that, you should stay updated about dyslexia treatments as much as possible. Although you can gain useful information by doing research through internet but you can also try to catch up with the parents of other dyslexic children for same reason.

 Help the kid in reading and doing homework

 Next thing you need to do is to help your kid in reading and doing homework. This is something that needs lots of patience from you as your child might find it hard to read or write a word in one go and you might get angry. But if you understand the value of education in your kids life, then you have to make it a habit of helping your kid in reading and doing homework.

 Ensure your kid is getting good support from the teachers

 You should also keep a check on whether your kid is getting needed support from his or her school teacher or home tutor if you have hired any. For that, you should ask your kid what he or she feels about the teachers and attend class sometimes as well to see how the teachers are teaching your kid.

 Let your kid enjoy his or her hobbies

 Every kid has some sort of hobbies, your kid must have some as well. So, you should try to find out what are his or her hobbies and should encourage your kid to enjoy those hobbies. You must find time to play with your kid.

 Help your kid emotionally

 As you already know that your kid has dyslexia and finds it hard to read or write, then there is a possibility that your kid might feel frustrated sometimes as the kid might feel that his or her efforts are worthless. In such circumstances, you should give a helping hand to your kid saying words like “you can do it champ.”

 So, these were some tips on how you can help your kid in dealing with dyslexia. Hope it was helpful.

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